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1223 Dorsey Rd Glen Burnie Maryland


Welcome To N.B.S.Seafood In Glen Burnie MD


While in season, all of our fresh wild oysters are harvested off the coast of southern MD we do source them from the Gulf Coast during off-season times.

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Live Md Crabs

Maryland is food famous for its crabs, and we at NBS Seafood offer live Maryland hard shell crabs so you can have the absolute freshest seafood

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Gulf Coast Shrimp

Shrimp can go with just about any type of food, and our shrimp are kept incredibly fresh so you can get the flavor punch you want.

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Lobster Tails

At NBS Seafood, we have cold and warm climate lobster tails. If you really want to make a meal experience special buy some lobster tails.

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There is no better way to get a little of the taste of Louisiana than with some fresh live crawfish, We everything you’ll need.

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Soft Shell Crabs

Soft shell crabs are harvested immediately after molting, before the newly formed shell has had a chance to harden up, We have the freshest soft shell crabs on the market

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Sea Scallops

At NBS Seafood, we try to keep all the bull out, so we only offer fresh shucked dry scallops to our customers. When you go to purchase sea scallops at a grocery counter,

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Black Angus

The one thing we’re not keeping the bull out of is our Black Angus steaks. Ours are as pure as they come.  all of our Black Angus steaks are raised antibiotic free.

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Alligator Tail

At NBS Seafood we want to give you a taste of true southern flavor, and this is why we provide our customers with the freshest cuts of alligator tail and sausage around

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Free Range Chickens

The chicken you buy from your local grocery store may have been fed sub-par food,may have been injected with hormones or preservatives, and may have been fed

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At NBS, we put our motto right into our name, and that motto is “No bull stuff!” If we wouldn’t serve it, we wouldn’t eat it, and we would never provide our customers with seafoods we wouldn’t be willing to brag about ourselves. When it comes to seafood, quality is an absolute must, as this will allow you to experience each and every unique and delicate flavor as it should be experienced, so our quality control is absolutely always second to none.

With our seafood selection, you’ll be able to be introduced to an entirely new world of fresh and flavorful seafood perfect for spicing up with that new recipe or enjoying plain in the purest possible fashion. The complex flavors of our fresh seafoods are one testament to their freshness, and we find that all of our customers are surprised by just how much better their classic favorites taste when absolute freshness is made a priority. Whether you plan to enjoy your seafood with another dish, or alone, it will always remain a star on the plate.

Since we sell direct to the public, anyone can get their hands on our awesome seafood selections! Allow us to provide the fare for your next party, or make family dinner something really special by providing you and yours with the freshest Maryland and USA seafoods around!