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Welcome To N.B.S.Seafood In Glen Burnie MD

At NBS, we put our motto right into our name, and that motto is “No bull stuff!” If we wouldn’t serve it, we wouldn’t eat it, and we would never provide our customers with seafoods we wouldn’t be willing to brag about ourselves. When it comes to seafood, quality is an absolute must, as this will allow you to experience each and every unique and delicate flavor as it should be experienced, so our quality control is absolutely always second to none.

With our seafood selection, you’ll be able to be introduced to an entirely new world of fresh and flavorful seafood perfect for spicing up with that new recipe or enjoying plain in the purest possible fashion. The complex flavors of our fresh seafoods are one testament to their freshness, and we find that all of our customers are surprised by just how much better their classic favorites taste when absolute freshness is made a priority. Whether you plan to enjoy your seafood with another dish, or alone, it will always remain a star on the plate.

Since we sell direct to the public, anyone can get their hands on our awesome seafood selections! Allow us to provide the fare for your next party, or make family dinner something really special by providing you and yours with the freshest Maryland and USA seafoods around!

All About Our Oysters

Oysters are a favorite of many seafood lovers, and a few great oysters can really spice up any sort of dish. Our oysters are harvested fresh in the waters off of southern Maryland, so you know you’re getting the real deal, and they are refrigerated from the time they leave the boat to when they find themselves sitting on your table. By refrigerating our oysters straight away, we are able to prevent bacteria growth that can lead to sickness, and this is particularly beneficial to those who like to enjoy them right out of the shell.

When it comes to weight, you also don’t need to worry about your pint of oysters being filled with pressed air, as is the case with many of our competitors. With any oyster weight selection you may choose, you can be confident that you’ll get the exact weight of full oysters that you wish to receive.

Our salty Chincoteague oysters are a fast favorite, and these can be purchased by the dozen or in 100 counts if you plan to entertain a large party. These super fresh Maryland oysters have that distinct salty oyster flavor reminiscent of a trip to Maryland’s beaches, and they pair well with a vast array of different meals or seasonings.

Shrimp For Every Occasion

Who doesn’t love good shrimp? Shrimp can be paired with just about everything, and there are tons of different ways to prepare it, but you can rest assured you’re getting the full flavor of fresh shrimp no matter what when you buy from us at NBS. Our shrimp is sourced directly from the Gulf Coast, and it can be purchased individually frozen and in either 2 or 5 pound boxes as you see fit. With the sizes we have available, you can have plenty of shrimp for saving, entertaining, or enjoying as a full meal whenever you see fit.


Just like our oysters, you can also rest assured that the amount of shrimp you purchase is the amount of shrimp you’ll get, as we never spray our shrimp over and over with water and preservatives in order to add liquid weight during the freezing process. Each 2 or 5 pound box purchased will be filled with 2 or 5 pounds of individually quick frozen Gulf Coast fresh shrimp, and nothing more, so you know just what you’re paying for each and every time.


Seafood For All


At NBS, we always look forward to providing our customers with only the very best, and very freshest, seafoods available. Seafood is not only often good, but it can even be good for you, and we want to make sure that our seafoods are available to all who may want to experience something a little fresher in their flavor and in their food. For this reason, we accept a variety of different payment methods for those looking to order their next favorite seafood dish, and these payment methods include:

• Visa

• Mastercard

• EBT Cards

• Cash

We at NBS Seafood believe that our flavors speak for themselves, and all our customers need to do is try our fresh picks to really see the difference between our methods and the methods of our competitors. No matter what you wish to try, or the size that you order, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting just what you want in fresh and wholesome seafood, with no air, fillers, or water to make up the weight!