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Black Angus Steaks

black angus steaks sale glen burnie mdThe one thing we’re not keeping the bull out of is our Black Angus steaks here at NBS Seafood, and our steaks are as pure as they come. First and foremost, all of our Black Angus steaks are raised antibiotic free, so you never need to worry about exposing your family to unnatural antibiotic additives. Because we know the concern that antibiotic treated meat causes many consumers, we want to keep this out of our steaks to ensure we are delivering you the freshest and most wholesome product possible.

The cows from which we serve our Black Angus steaks are also kept free to roam their respective pastures, so our meats can be sourced humanely and with the best possible flavor. A free to roam cow kept in a pasture is a happier, leaner, and more flavor animal, so we make sure that the animals we source from are never kept cooped up. At NBS Seafood, we firmly believe that the better the life the animals was able to live, the better nutrition and quality of food they are able to provide, and our Black Angus steaks are no exception to this rule.

The cows we source from are also fed a plant protein diet, and one free from corn or other unhealthy fillers. This type of diet allows the animals to remain in their optimal healthy condition for the entire duration of their lives, and the flavor of the meat they provide is one that is more natural and more complex when compared to their corn or filler fed brethren.

Like with our seafood, freshness and nutrition are always our priorities at NBS Seafood when it comes to our Black Angus steaks, and we feel that this will become evident as soon as you taste our fresh flavor difference!