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1223 Dorsey Rd Glen Burnie Maryland


Fresh Local Antibiotic Free Chickens

antibiotic chickens for sale glen burnie md At NBS Seafood in Glen Burnie MD  , we don’t just keep the bull out of our seafood, but we keep it out of our chicken as well. The chicken you buy from your local grocery store may have been fed sub-par food, may have been injected with hormones or preservatives, and may have been sitting on the shelf for quite a while, and these are all problems that we work hard to solve for our customers. Each chicken purchased through us is sourced from Maryland and Southern Maryland Meat Certified, so you know just where it came from, allowing you to feel better about serving your family a wholesome meal.

All of our NBS Seafood chicken is also antibiotic-free and raised on a natural plant protein diet, so you won’t be exposing your body to unnecessary antibiotics or nutrition-less corn. Because we skip out on the unnatural additives and unnatural diet, our chicken also retains a better and more classic flavor, making it the perfect addition to any meal. Rather than simply tasting the seasoning or the sides, you’ll actually be able to taste the flavor of the chicken, making it a perfect star for any desired dish. The rich flavor of our chicken is also ideal for preparing in soups, as the broths you can prepare will be able to pack a better flavor punch.

Our chicken has no filler, and this means that what it does have is ample nutrition. Rather than exposing your body, or your family, to unnecessary and sometimes unhealthy additives, you’ll be able to have the peace of mind that you’re serving a healthy, locally sourced, and humanely raised natural low-fat and low-sodium protein. At NBS Seafood, we take the same approach to our chicken as we do our seafoods, and that is that freshness and purity is always our priority!