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1223 Dorsey Rd Glen Burnie Maryland


We Carry Fresh Gulf Coast Shrimp 2 lb - 5 lb Bags

gulf shrimp nbs seafood glen burnie mdShrimp can go with just about any type of food, and our shrimp are kept incredibly fresh so you can get the flavor punch you want no matter your cooking method. Shrimp have a particularly salty sweet flavor with a great classic texture, and our methods of quick freezing and packaging your shrimp skip the preservatives process, so you can have shrimp that stays true to the quality of the food.

At NBS Seafood, all of our shrimp is wild caught and comes straight from the Gulf Coast, so you’re getting the classic American shrimp you’re looking for. In many instances, shrimp will be packaged along with water or preservative solution, causing you to pay more for a package that contains less shrimp. By buying with us, you will be paying for the weight of your shrimp and only shrimp, giving you a way to skip the fluff and get a significantly better value. Without preservatives, you can also rest assured that your shrimp is fresh, as we never use solutions to mask the shrimp’s true age.

Our shrimp comes in either 2 pound or 5 pound bags, so you can choose just how much shrimp you’re looking to buy. For entertaining or multiple meal use, our 5 pound bags are ideal, while a 2 pound bag is perfect if you’re looking to make it a shrimp night for dinner. Regardless of the size of the bag, our quick freeze process will give you the freshest tasting shrimp every time.

Fresh shrimp can be cooked in a vast array of different ways, and our incredibly fresh shrimp will keep its flavor no matter your desired preparation method. Grilling, broiling, baking, or battering and frying are all methods we at NBS Seafood highly recommend, and our larger 5 pound bag will give you an opportunity to try them all!