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Fresh Warm & Cold Water Lobster Tails

lobster tails for sale nbs seafood glen burnie mdIf you really want to make a meal experience special, there is no better choice than a couple of decadent lobster tails. At NBS Seafood, we have cold and warm climate lobster tails ideal for pairing with a vast array of different foods, and these tails can even be eaten as a meal in and of themselves due to our variety of different sizes.

Lobster tails have a certain sweetness element to their flavor that should always be handled delicately in order to get the full effect, and we at NBS Seafood make sure to provide you with the freshest lobster tails possible so that you can better have this flavor experience for yourself. Each tail we harvest comes from the USA, and this allows us to get your tails to your table in a faster, fresher, and more flavorful way.

The best way to enjoy lobster tails is not to overcook them, and you can cook your tails in a variety of ways. Grilled, steamed, and baked are some of the most popular preparation methods for lobster tails, and they are able to hold in particular flavors with each cooking method as you see fit. While you won’t want to overcook your tails, you’ll want to make sure they are fully cooked, and the time it will take to cook your tails depends vastly on the size you choose.

Because our lobster tails aren’t filled with preservatives or unnecessary water, you can always rest assured that you are getting your desired weight in tail and nothing else. Should you want a 3 oz lobster tail, a 6 oz lobster tail, or a couple of extra-large tails to be used as the main course of a meal, you will always get what you’re paying for in pure lobster when you shop with us.