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Our NBS Seafood Oysters Are From The Pocomoke Sound And Can Be Enjoyed On The Half. Taste The Freshness Difference

oysters on sale nbs seafood glen burnie mdWhile in season, all of our fresh wild oysters are harvested off the coast of southern Maryland, however we do source them from the Gulf Coast during off-season times. No matter where our oysters are being sourced from, however, they will be refrigerated from the time they are caught until the time they reach your table, so you can rest assured you’re receiving the freshest oysters with food borne illness prevention in mind.

When you purchase oysters from the grocery store, or from one of our competitors, you’ll often not only be receiving oysters, but preservatives and water as well, but we at NBS Seafood want to keep that type of bull out of your seafood order. We want to make sure our customers aren’t just receiving the freshest possible oysters, but only oysters, for their hard earned dollar, so we make sure not to add in anything extra with your food. By the pint, you’ll be able to have confidence that your cost will be for oysters only, and not for any extra water weight due to water injection or a preservatives spray down.

Also, because we don’t use preservatives, you can rest assured that your oysters are fresh. Often, a cocktail of preservatives are used to mask the true age of the oyster, and you can actually be receiving an older oyster that has already lost much of its delicate flavor. With our NBS Seafood oyster selections, you will be able to see with your own eyes, as you trust your oysters are as fresh as they can be.

Our NBS Seafood oysters from Maryland and the Gulf Coast can be enjoyed on the half shell, prepared with other dishes, or baked into an appetizer, but the one constant in any preparation method is that you’ll always taste the freshness difference.