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We Carry Fresh Sea Scallops


scallpps nbs seafood glen burnie mdAt NBS Seafood, we try to keep all the bull out, so we only offer fresh shucked dry scallops to our customers. When you go to purchase sea scallops at a grocery counter, there will typically be two options available with either “wet” or “dry” scallops, and dry scallops are able to be seared more easily and retain their rich flavor no matter the cooking method.

Sea scallops considered wet are treated with a seafood preservative solution called STP, or sodium tripolyphosphate, and while this helps the scallops to last longer and retain moisture during cooking, it also causes you to have to pay for less than fresh scallops with a significant amount of water weight. The excess moisture will also become a problem during the cooking process, as getting your scallops sufficiently browned will be more difficult with the excess moisture. Overcooking your scallops will often result in a tough or chewy texture, and this is difficult to avoid when they are packed full of water and preservative solution.

By providing our customers with fresh shucked dry sea scallops, we provide a way for the scallop to naturally retain moisture, cook more easily, and keep their natural flavor and texture. Our dry scallops will have less of a rubbery or chewy texture when compared to wet scallops, and you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re paying for your desired weight in scallop, rather than water and preservatives.

Because we use no preservatives or pasteurization methods, our scallops are also guaranteed to be fresher than that of our competition, as we don’t use preservatives to mask the true age of the scallop. We source all of our scallops from the USA, and they are coming from the water to your table in the shortest span of time possible.