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Fresh Chesapeake Bay Soft Shell Crabs

md soft shell crabs for sale glen burnie md

Soft shell crabs are harvested immediately after molting, before the newly formed shell has had a chance to harden up, and we at NBS Seafood offer the freshest soft shell crabs on the market. A soft shell crab is typically of the Maryland Blue Crab variety, although they can come from any particular species of crab. Soft shell isn’t a species in and of itself, although this is popularly believed to be the case, and a great soft shell can come from many different types of crab. Our NBS Seafood soft shell crabs are typically harvested from Maryland in order to bring you the water to plate experience best for fully enjoying their texture and flavor.

A crab’s shell will tend to harden up within just a few hours of molting, making it difficult to catch them in this state while in the wild, so we make sure to harvest our crabs just before the molting process is due to begin, giving you the perfect textured soft shell crab every time.

Soft shell crabs have a butter soft texture, and you won’t need to worry about cracking those sometimes difficult hard shells in order to get to the succulent meat inside. The best ways to prepare your soft shell crab are through battering and frying, broiling, or grilling, as the typical boiling process that a hard shell crab will go through will often cause the soft shell crab to fall apart due to its incomparably delicate texture.

Soft shell crabs aren’t only delicate in texture, but flavor as well, and our super-fresh harvesting methods are perfect for harnessing the delicate taste they have to offer. For preparation purposes, a soft shell crab can absorb other flavors quite successfully, and they make great companions for a variety of seasonings.